Message from President

Hospice Palliative Care Japan was initially founded in 1991 as a specialist group to disseminate hospice palliative care units and improve care quality named gThe Japanese Association of Hospices and Palliative Care Unitsh. It was subsequently renamed gHPCJ: Hospice Palliative Care Japanh in 2004, and became a specified non-profit organization in 2007.
Palliative care has its historical origin in hospice that started in the United Kingdom, and it has been internationally disseminated through many countries.
Today, palliative care is employed by all medical professionals to treat patients with life-threatening illness. In cases that are difficult for general medical professionals to treat, specialized palliative care is provided with expertise by hospice palliative care units, palliative care team and home palliative care services, and outpatient departments clinics.
HPCJ is a group of facilities providing specialized palliative care. Its activities are classified into 6 main categories: (1) assurance and improvement of care quality, (2) education and training, (3) awareness promotion, (4) policy recommendations, (5) public relations and information provision, and (6) cooperation and international exchange.
To provide high-quality hospice palliative care, HPCJ places importance on care quality improvement, education and training, information exchange, and the establishment of networks for its members.

Yasuo Shima
Hospice Palliative Care Japan