Main Activities

Promoting Awareness

We conduct lectures, hold seminars, and carry out other activities aimed at explaining and increasing awareness of hospice palliative care.
In particular, each October, during a week which we have designated as “Hospice Palliative Care Week” culminating with “World Hospice Palliative Care Day,” we conduct activities to provide information and increase awareness through a variety of events – hospice forums, tours of facilities, photo exhibitions, concerts, and more – held in various parts of the country.

Lecture on hospices

Education and Training

To educate the individuals who will engage in hospice palliative care, we have developed an educational curriculum and hold educational seminars for many different professions.
In cooperation with related organizations, we also conduct educational programs specific to physicians, nurses, social workers, and other occupations.

Educational seminars

Guarantee and Improvement of the Quality of Care

Together with surveys on the current state of hospice palliative care in Japan, we conduct studies and research in which seek to maintain and improve the quality of care by evaluating it based on self-evaluations by care providers, evaluations by bereaved families, and other criteria.


Public Relations and Providing of Information

We provide care providers and the public with information about hospice palliative care by operating a website and issuing a newsletter and pamphlets.
In order to exchange information with palliative care providers, we also hold an annual conference and conduct regional meetings in various parts of the country.

Annual conference

Cooperation and International Exchanges

We are strengthening our ties with related domestic organizations and cooperating with them in clinical studies, education and research.
As a member of the Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network, we also participate and cooperate with like-minded organizations from various countries in activities aimed at expanding palliative care in this region of the world.

Attending an international conference